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Message From the President

In order for your business to respond to your customers’ needs, you must have the proper information available to you on a very timely basis. Let’s face it—your competitors are just waiting for an opportunity to provide your customer with better and faster service than you’re able to deliver. For that reason alone, you need to equip your business with every possible advantage.

Computers, by themselves, are simply an expense to your business. However, those same computers configured properly, containing the proper software and functioning in an optimum fashion, should not only offset their respective costs, but also add significantly to your bottom line.

Today, as never before, your business has to proactively serve your customers. You must not only be responsive, you must also anticipate your customers’ needs. That’s why we hear so much about “alliances” and “partnerships” between service providers and customers. As a service provider you have to be closely connected with your customers to help them accomplish their objectives efficiently and effectively.

So, if you would like to reap optimum utilization of your IT system, give us a call. Because we understand that you are not in business to keep “those computers” running; rather, you want to keep them running so that you can concentrate on the core objectives of your business.

Please allow us to serve you by putting our knowledge, experience and skills to work for your business, so that you can focus on serving your customers.

Thanks are in order to all of our customers for the trust and confidence you have placed, and continue to place, in us. And thanks go to our employees as well, because without their dedication, hard work and loyalty, there wouldn’t be a U.S. Computer Corporation.

Byron GesserSincerely,

Byron J. Gesser
Founder and President
U.S. Computer Corporation

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