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U.S. Computer - Our History

Our History

U.S. Computer Corporation was founded in 1976, by Byron J. Gesser. Carl Rivet joined the company two years later and Mark Prudhomme several years after that. These three knew their success would depend on hard work, a sense of urgency, a dedicated and knowledgeable staff and a sincere desire to help other businesses grow—all ingredients they had in abundance.

For more than 35 years, they have planned their work and worked their plan. And while they’ve seen many changes in the computer industry, they’ve also met the challenge of staying up-to-date on cutting-edge technology without breaking stride.

How Technology Has Changed

Back in 1976, a typical business computer was configured with 32 MB of memory, a 10 MB disk drive, a CRT monitor and a 100 line-per-minute printer, for a total price of about $35,000.

Today’s computer has exponentially faster processing speeds, over 100 times the memory, 100,000 times the disk storage space, 50 times the printing speed, and costs about 3 percent of the 1976 price—not to mention being much smaller, with impressive color graphics capabilities, higher reliability, and much lower operating costs.

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