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Accounting Systems

If you’re looking for the most flexible, robust accounting solution on the market, we’d like to talk to you about our exclusive USC Accounting System. Created and designed by our internal software developers, this is the perfect accounting software solution for any size of business.

Over the last 35 years we’ve worked diligently to craft an easy-to-use, customizable accounting package that’s affordable and intuitive, no matter in what industry your business operates.

Because we built it, we know how to tailor this solution to meet your specialized needs; you’ll get customized reporting—and complete technical support that’s just a phone call away.

Our comprehensive USC Accounting System includes multiple modules for:

  • General ledger
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Payroll
  • Purchase order
  • Inventory control
  • Order processing
  • Job cost
  • Point of sale
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Employee training
  • Equipment
For a free, hands-on demonstration that will let you see how robust this accounting software is and what it can do to transform your accounting process, give us a call or email us at info@uscomputers.com.