U.S. Computer - Free Help Desk!

Free Help Desk!

Computer systems are not typically the direct “money makers” in a business.  However, unless those computer systems are fully functional and the data is readily and easily accessible, productivity can come to a screeching halt directly affecting your bottom dollar.  In order to ensure that your business is able to run effectively and efficiently, we feel that you should always have:

  • Quick and easy access to remote technical support
  • Routine maintenance of all computer systems
  • Local and Offsite copies of all critical data

Having all three of these services in place will help prevent those costly and annoying interruptions that can keep you from focusing on the core of your business.  But is it affordable?

We feel so strongly that this group of services should be in place within every business, that we decided to go ahead and package them all together.  As a Customer utilizing our “Offsite Data Backup” and “Scheduled Desk Side Support” services, you will be able to call our Solutions Center Help Desk for remote technical support for absolutely no charge.  That’s right … FREE!

To learn more about our “Free Help Desk” service, please give us a call or email us at info@uscomputers.com.