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Offsite Data Backup (old)

Is your data backed up?  Where is it when you need it?  These are two very important questions that must be asked within every business, regardless of industry and size.  We often find that even if data is backed up, the timely accessibility of that data is always a concern.

Technology is constantly changing, and the good old days of backing up to tape have come and gone.  But what are the alternatives?  The term “cloud” seems to have taken over every IT-related discussion, but what is “cloud”, and is it the best choice for your company’s data?

Most cloud backup solutions offer quick and cheap options for sending your data to their data centers (where they are, no one knows), but the backing up of data is one thing … the retrieval of that data is another.  If your entire data center was lost, or even if a single Server needed to be restored, how long would it take for you to download all of your data across your internet connection?  Do you want to be at the mercy of a 1-800 number in such a critical situation?

We feel we’ve developed the perfect solution.  We provide your company with a means of backing up your data onsite, followed by an offsite replication to our data center.  This offers optimal performance when it comes to restoring data, as you will always maintain a local copy.  This also offers the peace-of-mind that your data is also housed offsite in our data center.

We would appreciate the opportunity to tell you more about how our innovative on-site/off-site backup solution can help protect you from data loss and unnecessary downtime.  Click here to view an electronic version of our “Offsite Data Backup” brochure.

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