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Our Promise to You

"To provide quality service by promptly, courteously, and effectively addressing the business and technical needs of our Customers, while always maintaining a deep awareness of safety, cost-effectiveness and overall Customer satisfaction.

We believe in communicating honestly and frequently with our valued Customers, and we aspire to design and develop high-quality solutions that allow the businesses of our Customers to thrive in their respective industries."

From small businesses to Fortune 5 companies - we’ve worked with them all; and we anxiously welcome a new project and challenge.

Corporate Office:

1003 Hugh Wallis Rd. South
Lafayette, LA 70508
(800) 423-6072 – Toll Free 
(337) 237-2027

For other locations, or to reach a specific regional manager, contact the corporate office, or submit a request using the form below.

1 (800) 423-6072

Toll-Free General Inquiries

(337) 237-2032

24/7 Remote HelpDesk Support

(337) 237-2027

Sales and Service

(337) 237-2826

Central Region - Residential Support

Common Reasons for Getting In Touch

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Are you an I.T. Professional possessing an excellent work ethic, a sense of loyalty, and a desire to further the technical capabilities of both yourself and the company for which you work?  Are you looking for a career where you can collaborate with a team of like-minded professionals?  We are always looking for individuals with a strong moral character and who enjoy the world of Information Technology.

Some of the positions typically looking to be filled include:

Data Center System Administrators
Cyber Security Engineers
Network & Design Administrators
Software Developers
Database Administrators
HelpDesk/Deskside Support Technicians

To be considered for employment, visit our Careers page to submit your resume.  If there is an open opportunity, a job manager will respond with next steps.

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To speak with a U.S. Computer representative regarding general inquiries, accounting-related questions, or information pertaining to human resources, direct your call through our Corporate Office at 1 (800) 423-6072.  

If email communications are preferred, please submit an online request.

General and Administrative Inquiries

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Partnerships should function in many various forms, but are most often thought of as one company or individual simply being a reseller of another’s product or solution.  Though this is a common scenario, we often-times find ourselves partnering with Customers as we develop custom solutions which they feel will be of benefit to other companies with similar business models. 

Through the utilization of the USC Software Development Group and/or our USC-owned Data Centers, solutions are able to be developed to meet a particular need and also become a resellable product or service for the mutual benefit of both USC and USC’s Customers.

If there is an interest in discussing a possible partnership opportunity, contact our Corporate Office by calling 1 (800) 423-6072 or submit an online form.

Interested in Partnering with us?

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Reselling part numbers or another vendor’s services is not the value we feel is needed by our Customers.  As a result, USC has bred a mentality of designing, implementing, and maintaining solutions that are developed by USC Developers and Engineers.  No two companies are identical and we feel each solution should be catered to the exact needs and specifications of each Customer.

Infrastructures, Cloud/Hybrid Solutions, Cyber Security Systems, Virtual Digital Workspaces, etc., are all designed, implemented, and supported by USC Consultants, Engineers, and Support Staff.

If your business has the need for greater technical innovation, consider contacting one of our Solutions Developers by calling (337) 237-2027 or submit an online form.

Looking for a Solution to your business need?

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If you are an existing Customer and are need of technical assistance, contact the USC Solutions Center by calling (337) 237-2032, or submit an online request.  

Once connected with someone, visiting our support page will allow your Solutions Center Engineer to provide assistance via USC-Hosted and Secured remote screen share.

Connect with a Solutions Center Engineer

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