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Accounting Systems

If you’re looking for the most flexible, robust accounting solution on the market, we’d like to talk to you about our exclusive USC Accounting System. Created and designed by our internal software developers, this is the perfect accounting software solution for any size of business.

Custom Application Development

If you need a more sophisticated application that can run the core of your company’s daily operations, the USC Software Development Team specializes in all levels of software development and application consulting services.

Private Cloud Infrastructures

Whether you are simply tired of dealing with the hassle of an older on-premise Server or you are looking for an offsite Co-Location; we provide data center solutions that are scaled from small, single-Server operations up to environments requiring the sophistication of 5 separate utility power risers and 11 on-site diesel-powered generators.

Offsite Backup Solutions


These are two very important questions that must be asked within every business, regardless of industry and size. We often find that even if data is backed up, the timely accessibility of that data is always a concern.

Cloud Phone Systems

Communication is one of the most important and beneficial tools within any organization. Besides email, phones are one of the only ways to quickly communicate with those outside your office. Our PRIVATE, SECURE and REDUNDANT Data Centers are setup to take care of this for you.

Virtual Workspace

It has become increasingly difficult, yet critical, to keep employees engaged and informed on your company's strategic and operational initiatives. It has been equally challenging to ensure productivity is maintained with the introduction and rapid growth of remote work environments.

For enterprise end-user computing, our Virtual Workspace solutions deliver the flexibility IT teams need to securely transition users to their remote digital workspaces.

Staff Augmentation

It’s one thing to find someone who has a full understanding of what you need … it’s another to hold on to that person for an extended period of time. We have the experience necessary to provide the best IT staffing solutions you will find anywhere.

Support Services

In today’s fast-paced work environment, time is money and money is time. We fully understand that employee productivity cannot afford to be affected by computer-related issues. This is why it’s increasingly important to find ways of addressing these issues in a timely manner.