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Friendly & Knowledgeable Support

U.S. based Staff and Proud of It!!

No pre-written support scripts. Just good, solid support from knowledgeable professionals ... the way IT should be

Technology You Need, All From A Single Provider

Your Partner for All Things I.T.

From PRIVATE Data Centers to your Digital Workspace; from Enterprise Security to Productivity Applications; we have everything covered

Fast & Efficient Staff Augmentation

Manage Support Staff Costs

Outsource some or all of your I.T. Staff, turning your support structure into an entire organization

Custom Application Development

Off-the-Shelf Software Simply Doesn't Work

Applications that run your business should not "almost" do everything you need


Ensure Your Success

With the Best IT solutions.

Through our many years of experience we have learned that we can never take Customers and the regular way of “doing business” for granted. We have to always stay on our toes and find the best ways to provide our Customers with the highest level of service and support.

True Value

Reselling part numbers or another vendor's services is not the value we feel is needed by our Customers. As a result, USC has bred a mentality of designing, implementing, and maintaining solutions that are developed by USC Developers and Engineers. Solutions for your business, and answers to your questions starts and ends with us, your solutions partner.

Quality Support

"You get what you pay for" ... a very wise saying that's been around for a reason. Cheap and cost-effective are not the same thing. Getting things done CORRECTLY, and working with KNOWLEDGABLE personnel will always pay off in the long-run.

No Third-Party Outsourcing

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100% PRIVATE & Self-Reliant Solutions

Hosted Infrastructure

Don't trust YOUR information with just anyone ... Let us keep your data PRIVATE and SECURE!


Access to your critical business applications should always be available, and the privacy and security of your information should be the top priority of every Hosted Solution Provider.

Staff Augmentation

It’s one thing to find someone who has a full understanding of what you need … it’s another to hold on to that person for an extended period of time.

Dependable and Loyal

Outsourcing some or all of your I.T. staff to an organization eliminates your dependency on a single individual, whether for a single position or for your entire business.

Offsite Backup

Protect your business information from viruses, ransomware, accidents, or even unnecessary downtime.

Fully Managed

Consider us to be your Data Backup Team. We take care of ensuring all data is stored safely offsite at OUR Data Centers and is readily available when you need it.

Help Desk Support

100% U.S. based support. No complicated call-in process with long hold times. No pre-written scripts. Just friendly, knowledgeable people.

Quick and Easy

The need for onsite support can and should never be replaced. However, the ability to remotely address an issue in a timely manner allows your employees to remain productive.

Software Development

Your business is special and unique. Off-the-Shelf applications are not. Don't settle for anything less than perfect.

Catered to YOUR Needs

Whether you need an application completely rewritten from scratch, or you already have something in place that needs modifications; we can help.


Created and designed by our internal software developers, we have the perfect solution for any business

We Built It

Over the last 45+ years we’ve worked diligently to craft an easy-to-use, customizable system that’s affordable and intuitive, no matter in what industry your business operates.

Established in 1976

Our Strategy for Success


Listen & Learn

Customer Satisfaction can only be achieved by listening to the individual needs of each Customer, and by learning their business workflow. Once the need is understood, our solutions teams can then get to work on mapping out the appropriate solution.


Develop & Implement

The proper solution is rarely an "off-the-shelf" product and may require custom application development, custom infrastructure, or staff augmentation/support. Often times the solution needs to be developed from the ground up and catered to specific integration requirements.


Support & Grow

Support after implementation is a must, but not just the support of our implemented solutions, but the support of the Customer environment and business operations. Every Customer wants to grow, and our jobs as Technology Partners, is to play whatever role necessary to ensure success.

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