Security & Availability
Always At the Forefront

Today, every employee expects 24/7, immediate access to email no matter where they are or from what device they’re using (not to mention, most people require email collaboration on more than one single device).

This has given hackers the access they need to cause unprecedented damage to your company with very little effort, as they’ve learned how to sneak malicious emails through many of the email protection walls that have been erected.

The Old Way of Protecting
Your Email Doesn't Cut It

Everyone is more mobile
On-site backups are no longer protected
Email attacks have become more frequent
Email attacks are more sophisticated now
Business is increasingly dependant on email
Sensitive data is stored in email
Sensitive data is shared through email

Proven Success Through

Developed Process


Need Identification Through Process Learning


Solution Development Catered to Specific Environment


Implementation Without the Hassle


Easy-to-access & Knowledgeable Support


Inbound/Outbound Spam Protection Across All Plans
Outbound Email Encryption At No Extra Cost
Large Email Attachment Capacities
Customizable Email Retention & Archiving
Widespread Application & Device Compatibility
Free Customizable Email/Domain Disclaimer
Multiple On-Site and Off-site Backups
100% Hosted at USC-owned Data Centers
100% Managed By USC Employees


Reduced Risk Of Developing Poor Email Reputation Score
Reduced Risk Of Data Breach Through Malicious Email
No More Need for Complex Management
Enterprise-Grade Security Protection Without The Added Cost
No More Expensive Email Licensing or Anti-Spam Costs
Flat-Rate Monthly Pricing