Order Processing

The USC Order Processing Module will enable you to deal with your customers promptly, while having the confidence your information is up-to-date and accurate. information such as ordering and shipping is now easier to keep track of with the USC Order Processing Module through the use of extensive reporting features couple with ease-of-use functionality.

The Order Processing Module is a complete package designed for managing incoming orders all the way through the billing process. It provides total financial management of your company's sales-related activities. Combined with the USC Inventory and Accounts Receivable Modules, the Order Processing system provides an unparalleled revenue management system.

Transactional Details

Retain transaction details for an entire fiscal year or for only the current period. Regardless of the option selected, account balances are maintained for the current and previous fiscal year.

Prior Period Adjustments

Access prior periods and make adjustments or even add new entries.

Unlimited Companies

Maintain separate accounting systems for an unlimited number of companies, each with their own independent chart of accounts, fiscal year ending date, etc.

Budget vs. Actual

Maintain a budget and produce Budget vs. Actual comparisons.


Departmentalize the income statement including automatic postings to a consolidated company total department, while still being able to produce separated income statements.

Period Flexibility

Enter and retain transactions for new periods before closing out the current period.


  • Effortlessly receive and input orders and generate accurate and timely estimates.

  • Review and track back orders.

  • Print clear and professional shipping and pick tickets.

  • Easily calculate prices, including all mark-ups and applicable discounts.

  • Accurately calculate and generate reporting for tax purposes..

  • Access precise calculations for material costs through combined use with the Inventory Control system.

  • Automatically update the Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, and Inventory Control systems through seamless integration.