Purchase Order

The USC Purchase Order Module will help streamline your ordering and receiving processes by using extensive features that are designed to maintain inventory records that are accurate and precise. This can be very difficult to accomplish if the right tools are not in place. With our Purchase Order Module you can rest assured that all of your purchasing and receiving information will always be readily available.

The Purchase Order Module is designed to assist you in handling your company's purchase orders by keeping accurate records of all purchases. With this Module you can keep track of real-time transactions down to the smallest detail, such as delayed or partial shipments and delayed invoices.

Transactional Details

Retain transaction details for an entire fiscal year or for only the current period. Regardless of the option selected, account balances are maintained for the current and previous fiscal year.

Prior Period Adjustments

Access prior periods and make adjustments or even add new entries.

Unlimited Companies

Maintain separate accounting systems for an unlimited number of companies, each with their own independent chart of accounts, fiscal year ending date, etc.

Budget vs. Actual

Maintain a budget and produce Budget vs. Actual comparisons.


Departmentalize the income statement including automatic postings to a consolidated company total department, while still being able to produce separated income statements.

Period Flexibility

Enter and retain transactions for new periods before closing out the current period.


  • Easily maintain a detailed listing of all outstanding Purchase Orders and real-time status.

  • Guard against duplicate payments or payments for items that have not yet been ordered.

  • Quickly reconcile Accounts Payable invoices against quoted or estimated costs.

  • Effortlessly expense select purchases to the General Ledger and Job Cost systems before the invoice is received.

  • Maintain an updated inventory system with Quantity-on-Hand, Quantity-on-Order, Average Costs and Replacement Costs.

  • Receive updates when back-orders within the Order Entry system are ready to be filled.