The ease-of-use built into the USC Point-of-Sale Module makes keeping track of your charge and cash customers seem effortless. The in-depth functionality yet simplicity of this module gives you the power you need to operate your retail business more effectively and efficiently.

Transactional Details

Retain transaction details for an entire fiscal year or for only the current period. Regardless of the option selected, account balances are maintained for the current and previous fiscal year.

Prior Period Adjustments

Access prior periods and make adjustments or even add new entries.

Unlimited Companies

Maintain separate accounting systems for an unlimited number of companies, each with their own independent chart of accounts, fiscal year ending date, etc.

Budget vs. Actual

Maintain a budget and produce Budget vs. Actual comparisons.


Departmentalize the income statement including automatic postings to a consolidated company total department, while still being able to produce separated income statements.

Period Flexibility

Enter and retain transactions for new periods before closing out the current period.


  • Track available discounts offered and automatically apply discounts, as appropriate.

  • Maintain accurate and detailed records of vendor invoices and credits.

  • Easily handle partial payments and adjustments.

  • Print checks through our Check Designer providing a large degree of flexibility in selecting and accommodating check formats.

  • Perform multi-company accounting, wherein individual line items from any given invoice may be expensed to several different companies using separate Accounts Payable file sets.

  • Produce vendor listings, including mailing labels.

  • Automatically process and pay recurring invoices, such as rent checks or monthly loan payments.

  • Update the General Ledger system through both detailed and summarized reports produced by invoice listings and check registers.

  • Perform "quick checks" allowing for the printing of a check while in the invoice entry/corrections application.

  • Create a "one-time vendor" facilitating the handling of a miscellaneous vendor.