Preparing a payroll and making sure it gets out in time, while still ensuring no mistakes are made, can be a very time-consuming and tiresome process. With our powerful and detailed Payroll Module you can eliminate the headaches of your current payroll tasks. This Module gives you the flexibility you need by giving you the ability to create custom fields for your employees so you don't have to worry about remembering each individuals' deductions.

This Module is designed to assist the user in reducing the payroll process down to as few steps as possible. Our Payroll Module offers the ability to enter in extensive employee information during the hiring process so whenever payroll is due your process is a snap. No longer be concerned with making sure all pay rates, dependencies, taxes, etc., are accounted for.

Transactional Details

Retain transaction details for an entire fiscal year or for only the current period. Regardless of the option selected, account balances are maintained for the current and previous fiscal year.

Prior Period Adjustments

Access prior periods and make adjustments or even add new entries.

Unlimited Companies

Maintain separate accounting systems for an unlimited number of companies, each with their own independent chart of accounts, fiscal year ending date, etc.

Budget vs. Actual

Maintain a budget and produce Budget vs. Actual comparisons.


Departmentalize the income statement including automatic postings to a consolidated company total department, while still being able to produce separated income statements.

Period Flexibility

Enter and retain transactions for new periods before closing out the current period.


  • All static information such as employee information, company information, account information, etc., is established by using our integrated File Maintenance application.

  • Static information is printed out for verification by using our integrated File Maintenance application.

  • Employee time is entered into the system on a periodic basis, at which time miscellaneous pay and deductions are also entered. Time entries and totals can then be printed, verified and updated using the integration of Time Processing.

  • Print check registers and other company information for accuracy verification and produce checks through easily accessible Payroll Processing.

  • Print historical reports on a periodic basis through the all-in-one miscellaneous functions of the same application.